Jeremy Tarpley at North Cascades National Park
My summary of Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug Usability report First law of useability – don’t make me think Design pages for scanning Create mindless choices Omit unnecessary words no intro text, instructions Designing navigation test for good nav (at a glance answer): Print out a page on the site, hold at arms length, squint, answer above questions   Home page homepg navigation can be uniqe but not too different differences can incl section descriptions, different layout, more space for site id pulldown menus are less useable than other methods of nav don’t get in religious debates about useability – use user testing when there are disagreements or less than obvious choices (ex pull down vs list) keep testing simple focus groups != tests ask user to figure something specific out or to try to do a specific task test early in developement test often (several small tests prob better than one giant one) doesn’t matter as much who you test review results right away ignore problems where user gets back on track quickly on their own fix low hanging fruit, resist addressing all problems by adding things    Things that diminish goodwill / credibility Increase goodwill   Accessibility