Jeremy Tarpley at North Cascades National Park

Library websites

Texas A&M University Libraries

Website & CMS development – I worked as part of a web services team hired to redesign and re-architect the Library’s websites from the ground up. I assisted in user experience/information architecture planning, user surveying & testing, graphic design, implementation of a new CMS and integration with many legacy systems. As part of the redesign, we met with stakeholders at each campus library & created custom user interfaces that met the needs of the individual libraries while still fitting into the larger design and back end web framework we were developing. The Digital Library was the first of the branch libraries to use our new infrastructure and design. During the redesign, I was tasked with holding many of the stakeholder meetings and built the entire library user interface on top of Plone. I also built in custom accessibility controls and was responsible for standards compliance and browser computability. This year, one of our developers and I rewrote much of the Plone CMS template to remove much of Plone’s bloated markup and table layouts. I built the new markup in standards compliant html5, css and jQuery.
  • Wire-framing & prototyping
  • Front-end development (html5, css, jQuery)
  • Back-end development (Plone template customization)
  • Contributed to the graphic design (Photoshop), UX/IA design, user surveying & testing, Plone integration and customization
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